Restoration Of A Residential And Commercial Area After A Disaster


Mission Restorations is more than just a restoration company. They are the no. 1 advocate in all the restorations one may need. They believe in building a long-lasting relationship with their customer. They make sure the employees get the best wages possible so that in return the serve the customers professionally. Not only that, they also do community service and charity. You can go to https://missionrestorations.com/ for detailed information.


If your home got affected by water, fire, storm, flood or disasters of any other kind, you can definitely trust Mission Restorations to get back the restored home as quickly as possible in a reasonable price. There are professionals who are trained to fight back any disaster that sustained residential or commercial property. They repair and restore both natural and manmade disasters. In case of an emergency, they serve you 24/7.

They specialize in the above areas:

1.    Water damage restoration.

2.    Fire damage restorations.

3.    Mold removal and remediation.

4.    Contents cleaning.

5.    Storm damage restorations.

6.    Hazardous material.

Water damage restoration and mold damage remediation are described below:

1.    Water damage restoration:

They claim to have the best drying system which effectively and efficiently fights the damage. They not only suppress water damage but also contain any possibility of secondary damages. Whether it’s a burst pipe, a roof leak or a flood, team Mission Restorations is always there to the rescue. If standing water is not dried quickly, it can lead to many secondary damages such as:

  • Damage the floor.
  • The building materials can get rotten.
  • Electrical system and equipment can be affected.
  • Can produce molds which can be costly to remove.
  • Furniture can get damaged.


Techniques used to restore water damage:

They use TES which is the fastest drying system. High level of heat is used to accelerate the drying process. 97% of water is extracted by industrial-grade equipment.  They find out all the possible hidden moisture to lower the possibilities of mold formation. Every step is monitored and supervised. The affected areas are disinfected by using EPA approved solutions.


2.    Mold remediation:

They ensure a team where experts are perfectly trained, certified to use the latest technology to remove mold. At first, they spot the affected area and take necessary steps so that it doesn’t spread out. If you cannot react as quickly as possible then it can make you suffer a lot.

  • The mold can spread throughout.
  • It can induce mold growth
  • It can be hazardous to health.
  • It can damage and ruin your floor, carpets etc.
  • It can damage walls and other building materials.
  • It can add extra costs.


Techniques used to restore mold damage:

They respond immediately and use the latest technology. At first, they make sure to contain the affected area so that the mold cannot spread out. Then they purify the air by using the technique HEPA Air scrubber to 99.97% airborne mold or spores. They use HEPA filter and clean the whole area.

This company also donates 10% of its profit every year. So if you want a quality service with thoughtful analysis of the problem and expert advice, you can definitely call Mission Restorations.